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How do I create ask a question or create a comment within this Forum
04-01-16, 10:37 AM (This post was last modified: 10-14-19 01:16 PM by Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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How do I create ask a question or create a comment within this Forum
How do I create ask a question or create a comment within this Forum

The Forum term for discussion subjects is called a thread. The Forum term for a response to a thread is called a post.

Good Forum etiquette dictates that that prior to creating a new thread, that the Forum be searched for a thread which may have already addressed the subject for which one is seeking information. Should one find such a thread, and the thread not completely address the subject information being sought, then a new thread may be created. To do so,
1) Click on the appropriate for Forum (ex. "Autopilots") to open that Forum
2) Click on the grey "NEW THREAD" button located on the right hand side of the Forum's web page, above the Forum (ex. "Autopilots", etc.) titlebar
3) Fill out the Thread submission form (Thread Subject, Your Message)
4) Attachments may be added to threads and posts. Please see the chart below listing the supported file attachment types and the maximum supported size for each supported attachment type. The MFD's screen capture feature will produce .PNG files which are well within the maximum supported file size for attachments. If attaching photos, it may be necessary to re-size the image file to meet the maximum file sizes specified below. If adding supporting files, then for each file:
..a) Click on the "CHOOSE FILE" button to display a File Explorer dialog to the file to be attached, and then click on the dialog's "OPEN" button
..b) Click on the "ADD ATTACHMENT" button
5) Click on the "POST THREAD" button

NOTE: Please note that Raymarine MFDs running LightHouse II or LightHouse 3 software support a Screen Capture feature. This feature will create a PNG file containing an image of the MFD's screen and save that image to a microSD memory card within the MFD's memory card reader. As the photographs taken of the MFD's screens are often blurry or lacking resolution, it is recommended that the MFD's Screen Capture feature be used when seeking to provide images of a MFD's screen when seeking support for an issue. The LightHouse II / 3 Screen Capture features may be accessed through the Shortcuts menu (a brief press of the MFD's Power button or quick swipe of the MFD's Power Swipe).

If attaching photographs to a thread or post, please note that the size of the .jpg or .png file produced by a smartphone or digital camera can be quite large. It is recommended that attached photograph files be reduced in size to approximately 2 MP.

All threads and posts with the Raymarine Forum are moderated prior to posting. To view more information on moderation, click here.

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