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SeaTalk faultfinding
03-23-18, 05:20 AM
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SeaTalk faultfinding
SeaTalk is a simple and robust data protocol used to share basic navigation data throughout a network, it will share Depth, Speed, Wind, heading and GPS as wellas Autopilot commands, but it will not share video or chart, radar or sonar data.

It comprises three wires, Red - 12 volts, Yellow - Data and Screen (Shield or bare wires) which is 0 volts.

If the network does not appear to be sharing data, then some simple diagnostics will quickly find the cause. When an Autopilot is connected into the network, the display will report STLK FAIL or NO LINK will indicate a failure of the SeaTalk network, however, if there is no Autopilot installed, the simple test is to turn the lights on using one of the display - then the lights should come on all the rest of the displays. By isolating parts of the network, you can identify where the issue is located.

Removing the faulty display or damaged cabling will enable the system to recover and become operational again.

Additional diagnostics can be accessed click here .

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