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[CA] rmk-10 and Axiom
04-09-18, 08:55 AM
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RE: [CA] rmk-10 and Axiom

Q1. so its ok to just cut power to the mfds while still active...i was worried they had to go through a shut down sequence like a PC
A1. Unlike a PC, it's completely acceptable to switch OFF the MFD(s) via the circuit which is supplying the MFD(s) with power.

Q2. where would i install switch to cut power?
A2. The choice of where to the install a power switch is up to you. In the case of my own vessel, I switch circuits on/off via the breaker panel. Again the objective is simply to cut power to the MFD(s).

Q3. should i cut power to the HS5,to activate this feature?
A3. As indicated within the previously referenced FAQ, I generally recommend that the circuit supplying power to the MFDs also supply power to the network switch(es). If the electronics circuits have been powered per the previously referenced FAQ, then switching OFF the circuit supplying power to the HS5 will also switch power OFF to the MFDs. That said, owners and installers may deviate from this recommendation to meet there own objectives for how they intend to use the products.
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