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[DG11] Axiom questions
04-30-18, 02:42 AM (This post was last modified: 05-17-18 07:28 AM by Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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[DG11] Axiom questions
On my sailing boat I have an Axiom 7 MFD and it does work very well, however I noticed some omissions and some strange behavior (Possibly bugs) on the software side.
For your info, I am running version 3.4.66 of the software which is as far as I know the latest one.

What I noticed is the following:

1) On the autopilot page and pilot pop up on the MFD screen, it looks like the only autopilot modes accessible are AUTO and TRACK and that it is not possible to access the WIND VANE mode from the MFD screen. At the moment, I can access AUTO and TRACK modes fine from the Axiom screen but the WIND VANE mode (Which actually works perfect) can only be switched on from my p70s control head and not from the MFD screen. Is that normal or did I miss something in the Axiom set up???

1) Even though I have configured the MFD several times for indicating short distances (Below one nautical mile) in meters, it still shows some short distances in feet, in particular:
- On the chart application, large scales (Less than 1 nautical mile) are still
shown in feet
- On the boat particulars screen, only the length of the boat is shown in
meters, the beam and mast heigth are still shown in feet
- On the GPS page, the precision figure is still shown in feet
- Maybe there are some other instances of distances shown in feet instead
of meters that I have not noticed yet......

This is a bit confusing because for us Europeans, feet are made for walking and not for measuring so we would prefer that when the MFD is programed for meters, all indication of short lengths below one nautical mile are actually in meters....

I supose that all the above is only a question of software so is Raymarine aware of these behaviors and most importantly, is Raymarine going to adress these small issues on the next revisions of the Axiom software ???

Thanks in advance

Best regards

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05-18-18, 07:17 AM
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RE: [DG11] Axiom questions
Hi Serge,

Thankyou for your feedback and I will need to check into some items you have raised.

Feedback is very important to us and so we will ensure that your points are covered with our engineers.

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