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[CA] AXIOM 12 with AIRMAR B164

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[CA] AXIOM 12 with AIRMAR B164
05-10-18, 12:32 PM (This post was last modified: 05-16-18 11:38 AM by Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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[CA] AXIOM 12 with AIRMAR B164
Hello all,

I am getting an AXIOM 12 (E70369-00-LNC) to replace a 2008 E120. I've already figured more or less the NMEA backbone with STNG Starter Kit T70134. I'm also adding an ECI-100 to integrate my twin Yamahas into the display. And I plan to use the current thru-hull transducer Airmar B164-20.

So this is my parts list so far:
E70227 ECI-100 Engine Interface
E70242 Ray-Yamaha Command Link Cable
T70134 STNG Starter Kit
A80529 E120 to AXIOM 12 Adaptor Plate

I need an adaptor cable for Airmar B164 to 25 Pin transducer input on the AXIOM


Q1 How do I connect Axiom 12 to Airmar B164-20?
Q2 Do I disconnect Airmar B164-20 from the sounder it is attached to and go directly to AXIOM?

Q3 What adapter Cable do I need?
Q4 And finally, Should I add a fuse to the backbone power cable (A06049) or it is not necessary?

Thanks for your time

P.S. I'm also adding a very unprofessional Diagram
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