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(DG11) Seatalk NG Starter Kit Questions

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(DG11) Seatalk NG Starter Kit Questions
05-20-18, 04:04 PM (This post was last modified: 05-21-18 09:26 AM by Derek - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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(DG11) Seatalk NG Starter Kit Questions
Hello, I have read just about every link and post provided however a very basic question has not been answered.

I see in every diagram, that a Seatalk NG power cable is plugged into the blue backbone with a white to blue T.
There is not a single reference diagram with the basic kit showing if it allowed to simply plug the white end of the power cable into an empty white port on the Seatalk NG switch.

With my Starter kit, I have two blue terminators, and 3 white blanks.

I plan to use the white blanks as such:

1. Power
2. Spur to MFD
3. Devicenet cable 06045 to NMEA200

I have an Axiom 12 and an Axiom Pro 12 connected to each other with Raynet 62361.

RV-100 Transducer connected to the Axiom Pro 12.
iCom VHF connected Pro 12 via NMEA 0183 cables

Not sure why I need power on the Seatalk NG, perhaps for the legacy thru hull Transducers?

So simply, put can I put the power into the white port or do I need to use a Blue-white T into backbone?

I will also add a Ray 52, does that connect with a Raynet Spurs or through the NMEA 2000? I hope it over Raynet spur.
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