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Re-send - ST290 DPU Depth unit on Seatalkng

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Re-send - ST290 DPU Depth unit on Seatalkng
06-07-18, 02:21 PM
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Rainbow Re-send - ST290 DPU Depth unit on Seatalkng

I re-send this post as maybe the old one was not sent.

I have a ST290 DPU, ST290 Graphic Displays, depth transducer connected to a depth POD, etc, connected via seatalk2. There are also a wind and rudder instruments connected to DPU via seatalk.

I have connected a seatalk to seatalkng converter. In the seatalkng network there is an Axiom MFD and two i70s displays. I have all the data in the seatalkng network coming from the seatalk/seatalk2 but there is no way for the Axiom and i7ps displays to show depth units in meters. It's shown in feets and when i try to change it to meters, it's replaced again by feets in a second or two.

Do you know why using meters as depth unit is not working?.

Thanks and regards.
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