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AIS Connection to PROAIS2 difficulties
06-11-18, 10:01 AM
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AIS Connection to PROAIS2 difficulties
Here are some tips to enable connection via USB to a PC running PROAIS2

Make sure you are using the PROAIS2 software that came with the AIS700, the earlier AIS650 version will not work. You must use the later version which is supplied with the AIS700, (which also works with the AIS650 too).

Alternatively try downloading the PROAIS2 software from the Raymarine AIS700 website - which will be the latest version

Ensure you switch off all associated MFDs, then repower the system and try the configuration process again.

Disconnect ALL connections - including the power supply to the AIS700, then reconnect the USB cable to the AIS700 and to the PC and retry the configuration process

We are also aware of an issue with Windows 10, see below

Issues getting Pro-AIS2 working on Win10 PCs; some cases of Faulty USB cables (don't trust them, can be cheaply made). Worth checking the device manager to if the AIS appears when plugged in. Also, in Device manager, it should list the AIS700 as a "AIS Virtual Com Port", or similar in the device category 'ports, COM and LPT'. If Win10 does not list it as this driver, then you may need to temporarily disable Windows' Driver Signature enforcement. This has been reported as solving some problems overseas.

You can see instructions on how to do this at this link .

If you do disable driver signatures and that solves the problem for you, please let us know, and if possible please make a note of how Device Manager lists the device both before and after the driver installation
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