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[DG] Adding STng devices to backbone
06-19-18, 07:42 AM
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RE: [DG] Adding STng devices to backbone
Hi Derek,

thanks for your prompt reply and I understand your description, I think!

As I read your recommendation, there is a need to first convert the i60 SeaTalk output to STng, even though it already outputs the same information, albeit in a different sentences /format, in STng.

According to the relevant manuals, the i60 outputs NMEA2000 130306 wind data and the Actisense NWD1 will convert this message to 0183 MDA, MWD, MWV and VWR, the last of which the ST2000+ should recognise as wind direction when in wind angle mode. Similarly the MFD STng navigation waypoint data is converted to 0183 which the ST2000+ will recognise when in waypoint mode.

So I don't understand why the i60 SeaTalk output needs to be converted to STng as it seems to be an additional and unnecessary step.

Maybe I'm missing something but I don't want to add extra bits of kit that aren't necessary.

I understand about daisy chaining being prohibited under the NMEA2000 protocol.

Thanks for your patience.

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