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depth not giving accurate read...
06-21-18, 11:02 PM
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depth not giving accurate read...
i've noticed several times in places i know the water is deep but my dvs4 will read 3.1 ft. or there about and as low as 2.9 ft. yet i know the water is about 20 ft. deep. any ideas on what can cause that? it usually gives that read for some time...maybe 20 minutes at times. also i notice that the feed that comes into view from the right side of the screen will freeze and may not begin to move again for maybe 1/2 mile...suggestions on these two errors? i do love the screenshots i get from it and the visual on screen with the copper vision is unreal.
i'm thinking the first image is a very large school of baitfish but not sure. the second image i believe is brush with fish in and around it. i believe those are large rocks on the bottom as the lake is full of them.

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06-22-18, 02:06 PM
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RE: depth not giving accurate read...
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum rb56,

Regarding the issue of the sounder reporting a lower depth than the actual water depth, this behavior may sometimes be triggered by downrigger [censored] or large concentrations of organics producing such strong returns as to be cause the sounder to believe that it is the bottom. Configuring the range setting from Auto to manual and then adjusting the depth range to slightly greater than the charted depth will permit the bottom and remainder of the water column to be displayed. This symptom was most prevalent in early Dragonfly software. Accordingly, it is recommended that you verify which version of software is presently installed within its memory and if determined to not be the latest available Raymarine product software update, that its software updated accordingly.

The product should be tested afterwards for improvements to the behavior described above as well as for any stoppage of the plot when operating at fishing/trolling speeds. It would not be uncommon for bottom tracking to not be possible while operating at planing speeds. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing the latter.
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