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[DG] [DG] Autopilot EV-150 Type 1 hydraulic pump connectors leaking
07-09-18, 04:05 PM (This post was last modified: 07-19-18 09:38 AM by Derek - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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[DG] Autopilot EV-150 Type 1 hydraulic pump connectors leaking
I recently installed the EV-150 system on my boat and noticed the connectors on the pump are leaking.

My boat is a 2005 320 Searay Sundancer with a SeaStar Helm pump HH5741, non pressurized. I purchased SeaStar hydraulic hoses and a SeaStar pump fitting kit HF5501, which consists of T fittings and adapters for the hydraulic hoses to connect to the existing SeaStar helm pump and the raymarine autopilot pump.

All 3 adapters at the pump appear to be leaking.

The raymarine pump instructions strictly indicate not to use any thread sealant of any kind.

As you can see in the picture I even tried to re-use an o-ring from one of the pump plugs, but cannot tighten the adapter enough to seal the o-ring.

The brass adapters directly connected to the pump came with the pump along with o-rings, which are captured in the adapters. These adapters are 1/4" BSP to 1/4" NPT(F).

The next adapters connected to the brass adapters are from the SeaStar kit. These are Connector Fitting # 600602, 3/8" Tube (M) – 1/4" NPT (M).

Did I miss something, or is there something I can do to stop the leaking?

PS. I added a picture of the pump with the connectors and a picture of the fitting adapter kit to the post, but they do not seem to appear in the post. But they do appear in the attechment list of my draft.


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07-19-18, 09:37 AM
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RE: Autopilot EV-150 Type 1 hydraulic pump connectors leaking
Hi Daves320

Sorry to hear of the leaking issue, our handbooks discourage the use of thread sealants, simply because in practise they are not generally required and leaks are rare. Most installers use too much or use PTFE thread tape which tears off and gets ingested in the pump leading to failure, so we generally discourage their use.

We approve use of LocTite Threadlock, which can be applied sparingly to the threads once they have been degreased and cleaned, be very carefull not to use too much as the excess will run off and could jam the pump valves. DO NOT use Threadtape, since this will tear off and strips of it will damage the pump as it gets sucked in.

Since all three connectors are leaking, that does seem suspicious and the thread form of the additional adapters should be checked.

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