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Axiom Pro 12 GPS signal
07-26-18, 06:24 AM
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Axiom Pro 12 GPS signal
I have the new axiom pro 12 (dual) and I love the machines. I do have one issue I can’t rectify and I believe it is due to my gos signal. I have a rather large hardtop on my center console boat and the units are flush mounted on console. I went on a 16 hr offshore trip and I noticed I lost some of the depth detail at the canyons (it was there and later it was not). I also lost his signal on the way back to port twice (short period of time). Lastly, the chart detail of my Harbor was as it should be on the way out but on the way back it appeared to be an approximation (I know what it looks like when functioning properly). I am running a Lighthouse and a Navionics chip so I tried numerous times switching between the two options as well as the Detailed and Fishing views etc. Could it be that I need an external gps antenna on my hardtop to solve this?
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07-27-18, 01:31 PM
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RE: Axiom Pro 12 GPS signal
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum bigkabuka,

Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject. That said, should the system be able to rapidly acquire a GPS position FIX, not drop a position FIX, and HDOP associated with the GPS position FIX be less than or equal to 1.0, then an external GPS sensor (Raystar 150 GPS Sensor) or external GPS antenna (GA150) would not typically be required. The symptoms reported seem to be those which would be typically be associated with a cartography or MFD software issue. As early LightHouse 3 software release featured several Navionics cartography issues, the following is recommended to address the symptoms reported:

- update to the software within your system's MFDs to LightHouse 3 v3.6.32 or later

- using a computer, update your Navionics chart card with Freshest Data to include not only nautical charts, but also SonarCharts. All Navionics chart card purchases a free Freshest Data subscription updates for first year of ownership. You will simply need to use your computer to create a login ID on the Navionics website and then install and use the free Navionics Chart Installer tool to update your chart card with Fresh Data nautical and SonarCharts. Use the Navionics Chart Installer's boundary tool to set the boundaries of geographic area which you desire to download. It is recommended that one make the bounded area as large as the tool will permit given the type of cartography selected (ex. the bounded area should typically be adjusted to include the entire state and surround states and a bit further offshore than you actually intend to go). Should you need further guidance on installing Navionics Freshest Data updates, then it is recommended that Navionics (508-291-6000) be contacted.

- Use the LightHouse 3 Data Sources feature (HOME->SETTINGS->NETWORK->DATA SOURCES) to identify a single source of GPS, GPS Datum, and Date & Time for your system)
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