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[CA] [CA11] AIS 700/ProAIS2/Programming
07-27-18, 08:24 AM (This post was last modified: 07-31-18 01:36 PM by Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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[CA11] AIS 700/ProAIS2/Programming
Have there been any issues programming an AIS 700 using Windows 7?

Recently installed two AIS 700s on two separate boats. I tried using two different laptops running Windows 7. On both laptops I made sure to have the latest ProAIS2 software (one of them I had to use the disc because the download didn't work).

I read the other FAQ regarding difficulties connecting but nothing seemed to really work. (Yes, I used a good USB cable after initially having a faulty one) I kept getting a message saying the Device Driver failed and when launching ProAIS2 I only got a couple Letter/Symbols combinations on the drop down menu instead of the "AIS Virtual COM port" that I expected.

Solved the problem eventually by using our beat up old shop laptop running Windows XP to which I installed the latest ProAIS2 from the disc. Used this to program both AIS 700s and it worked the way I expected.

Using Windows XP I have a way to program the new AIS 700s when I install them but I was just wondering if there was any problems with newer Windows OS (beside the Device Manager workaround I read for Windows 10).

Never had this problem with AIS 650, was hoping it will be cleared up in the future for AIS 700. Would be nice to use a newer laptop to program these.

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07-31-18, 01:49 PM
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RE: [CA11] AIS 700/ProAIS2/Programming
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Kevin,

We have the ProAIS2 software installed on both Windows 7 and Windows 10 PCs. The key is to ensure that the installer has administrator privileges on the PC when installing the ProAIS2 software. I recommend that a user with such privileges also be logged into the computer when connecting the AIS350/650/700 to the PC for the first time to ensure that the program installs successfully. Should problems persist, then you may want to try temporarily configuring User Account Control Settings to NEVER NOTIFY. To verify that the driver is properly installed,
- plug the USB cable which is connected to the AIS350/650/700 to the computer's USB port
- using the Windows Device Manager, verify that the "AIS CLASS B TRANSCEIVER (COMx)" is listed within the Ports (COM & LPT) device group
run the ProAIS2 application

When running the ProAIS2 application, the "AIS CLASS B TRANSCEIVER (COMx)", where x is the COM port number, will be listed among the available serial COM ports which the application may connect to.
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