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[TG] [TG11] Axiom 12 continually reboots after 3.6.32 update
09-10-18, 09:50 PM
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RE: [TG11] Axiom 12 continually reboots after 3.6.32 update
Hello Dante,

Sorry for the delay in replying, I've been out of the office a lot recently doing dealer training and the like.

That behaviour sounds like one of 3 things to me:
  1. An incomplete software update - either the display in question was interrupted during the software update, or not all displays in the network got the same software during the update
  2. Corrupted internal configuration in the subject display, that would be recovered by a full reset
  3. A power-supply issue
  4. A hardware fault

I had a report today from a boat in Europe that I've been assisting with, that had very similar symptoms and was resolved by changing the power cable, it seems that there was a poor contact perhaps in the inline fuse-holder, so I would suggest not discounting the 3rd option.
I would also suggest doing a full power-on reset on the suspect display. Before I note how to do this, however, I must warn you that:
  1. This will remove any Digital Switching custom page setup in the display, so if you have such a setup, do NOT do the following procedure or you will not longer be able to use the Digital Switching until the custom pages are reinstalled through the supplying dealer.
  2. This will remove all other user data and setup, including all waypoints, Homescreen app setup etc.

With that warning in mind, to do a power-on reset you should:
  • Remove power from the display (batteries or breaker off or power cable removed)
  • Re-apply power
  • Swipe to power on if you need to, then keep swiping left (backwards) on the power control unit the power LED backlight turns blue.
  • Stop swiping and wait until a new menu appears, then use left-right swipes to select Factory Reset, accept and restart.
As I say (to anyone else reading), do not do this unless you are absolutely certain that you don't have Digital Switching custom pages and have backed up all of your user data.

After this, if you suspect a hardware problem with your display then I'd get the supplying or local technical dealer or your nearest Raymarine service centre to check it out.


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