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[TG] 3rd party software request VNC client
10-06-18, 12:14 PM (This post was last modified: 10-07-18 08:52 PM by Tom - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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3rd party software request VNC client
Dear Developpers,

I have just received my i70s kit and axiom RV and I am currently bench testing the whole system before installing on my boat.
As you might have understood from my previous features request I am looking for ways to record and enhance my sail racing tracking and logging with sensors.

To this effect I found that connecting a raspberry py with sensors and free software (openplotter + SystemK) allows to neatly expand the experience with features currently still missing (diagnostic and logging of nmea) on the axiom LH3 (I do understand developpment takes time, I do some myself).
It also allows to neatly translate NMEA data to IoT consumers such as smartwatches, etc by providing web sockets, etc..

All is fine except it would occasionally require a screen to check the logs or calibrate some sensors (mag, heel, temperature, pressure, rudder... etc..)
So essentially if I could have a VNC client on the axiom I could "remote control" my raspberry over wifi.. and would allow to have only one screen on board.

Finally since the 3rd app installation seems to be ruled out for the moment,
how do one develop directly for the axiom, is there an SDK, framework, documentation which can be downloaded somewhere?

Thank you in advance.
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10-07-18, 09:04 PM
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RE: 3rd party software request VNC client
Hello Sailshade,

I'm sorry to say that we can't help with that one. There's no SDK available for our MFDs, any way to get them to run third-party software (e.g. a shell), or any way to get video into a standard Axiom. We do offer HDMI-in, Touch-out (over USB) on Axiom XL, but there are no plans to add that capability into the smaller Axiom range.

As navigation displays we need to control the platform a little more tightly than, for example, a smartphone needs to be, in order to prevent unintended consequences as a result of a third-party software. The 3rd-party apps integrated with Lighthouse3 so far have all been through Raymarine's product assurance testing to make sure that they don't interrupt navigation functions, but we don't have the resources or financial business-case to do that for something as niche as a VNC client.


Raymarine since 1999.
Interests: Diagnosis of problems in sonar/fishfinders, NMEA2000, ethernet comms, autopilots, thermal cameras
Location: Sydney, Australia.

Please don't PM me asking for direct support, please ask a public question instead so that others can see the question and answer. Forum posts will always be answered before PM requests.
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10-11-18, 04:17 AM (This post was last modified: 10-11-18 07:45 AM by Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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RE: 3rd party software request VNC client
Dear Tom,

I see your point that having a VNC client might seem niche at first view but my point is:
- I am essentially trying to get some insight into my NMEA data and after 4-5 update it seems the axiom is getting plently of "exciting" feature for people with specific (not to say niche) needs but still no NMEA debugging or logging as requested a while ago:

- Also my use case is to actually have some of these "core" data displayed on my watch and logged too (I guess this is usefull to at least some people)

- the cheapest most practical and less time consuming way I found to make up for the AXIOM not having these core features already is a 50$ raspberry, a 20$ CAN adapter (openplotter and signalK software) and 20$ for a waterproof case.

- I understand there is no evident "financial" direct buisness case for it and probably it's a solution you don't understand nor want to promote but it makes your system more open, capable and attractive to people with some insight whose needs are different from what seems to be the current focus of your meetings.
(i.e. drone flying, watching movies on netflix, lighting up the water in pink or augmented reality vs. actual sailing)

Thank you for your answers and time, and thank you for the amount of new features you continously keep adding to the system.

p.s. I said that but, but admitedly the drone thing is pretty nice and I might end up getting a mavic pro 2 or 3 next summer if the app remains compatible with the available models at that time.
Oh and my sail race boat is too small for an XL anyway so that wasn't an option..
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