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Seatalkng integration
10-11-18, 10:28 PM
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Seatalkng integration
Hi. Sorry if this is obvious but I'm trying to integrate an rs150 GPS via a seatalk 1 to seatalkng converter, to an st4000plus control head, as well as 2 x rl70c displays with chartplotter functionality (one a repeater of the other, with hsb2 connection between the two).

I know that the seatalk 1 bus needs to have its power disconnected, and receive power through the seatalkng converter. But am I correct that neither the st4000plus, nor the rl70c displays are designed to be powered through the seatalk 1 connections?

So I'm assuming I still have to run three, separate 12v supplies (one to each rl70c, as well as one to the st4000plus), then cut both of the red seatalk connection cables, (one in rl70c-to-st4000plus seatalk cable, and one in st4000plus-to-seatalkng converter cable?

Is this correct?

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10-12-18, 08:35 AM
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RE: Seatalkng integration
please refer to previous reply
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