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[CA] [CA11] Axiom 7dv and new NMEA 2k network
01-02-19, 09:57 AM
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RE: [CA11] Axiom 7dv and new NMEA 2k network
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Quiquepr,

Q1a. Axiom came with a dual nmea2k /power cord, if I setup a NMEA backbone will this feed the network power via the axiom panel?
A1. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject.

Q1b: Or do I need to setup a dedicated backbone power cable and not connect the power side of my axiom cable?
A2b. Please refer to the response to Q1a.

Q2. What connection should I use for the network as the cable is micro c/device net but most the Raymarine site speaks SeaTalkng? I am leaning micro c
A2. It is recommended that NMEA 2000 backbones be constructed of networking components of a single manufacturer (ex. Raymarine SeaTalkng, Maretron NMEA 2000, etc.). Raymarine offers DeviceNet Micro-C to SeaTalkng Spur adapters to accommodate devices or backbone spur sockets featuring DeviceNet Micro-C connectors.

Q3. I want to add a lowrance fuel sensor ep60 as Raymarine does not offer one does it out of the box with fuel manager? I have seen the thread on this saying I need a lowrance instrument to setup and use, have read the documentation and seems to be fairly well calibrated for my std square tank out of the box- I can always get a legacy lmf200 or 400 afterwards and plug into the network...
A3. Fuel rate data is supplied to the system via PGN 127489 Engine Parameters, Dynamic. Trip Fuel is supplied to a system via PGNs 127496 Trip Parameters, Vessel and 127497 Trip Parameters, Engine. Of these PGNs, I suspect that you will find that the EP60 only supports transmission of PGN 127489 Engine Parameters, Dynamic and that a Lowrance instrument is required to supply the system with PGNs 127496 Trip Parameters, Vessel and 127497 Trip Parameters, Engine. These assumptions should be confirmed with the manufacturer of the third party fuel flow sensor. In the absence of PGN 127497 Trip Parameters, Engine, the LightHouse II / 3 Fuel Manager feature may be configured to calculate estimated fuel remaining, estimated fuel range, and fuel economy.

Q4. also wondering if I need the lowrance fuel data manager for the fuel economy and range calculation in fuel manager?
A4. See the response to Q3.

Q5. any recommendation on the best analog data converter to add tach, trim and cylinder head temp data from my Faria analog gauges for my 1990 Johnson 225 2stroke outboard? I have read on albacomb, noland RS11 and some Actisense, leaning towards albacombi
A5. We have no specific recommendations regarding analog to NMEA 2000 engine interfaces. That said, should the analog to NMEA 2000 engine interface transmit PGN 127489 Engine Parameters, Dynamic, then a conflict would be created if both the fuel flow sensor and analog to NMEA 2000 engine interface transmit the same Instance ID within this PGN. Accordingly, it would be recommended that another instance ID (ex. 1) be use for the NMEA 2000 fuel flow sensor to avoid a conflict.

Q6. on the tach, I have the system check, any way to tap those signals to show the temp, engine alarms on the axiom mfd?
A6. Unless the engine manufacturer produces a NMEA 2000 engine gateway for this engine system, then it is very unlikely that such would be possible.

Q7a. do I need a speed sensor and network compás on the net to have fuel manager economy, heading and speed data?
A7a. Negative. Such calculations are based upon distance over ground rather than through water.

Q7b. I see in the setup that it does not pick up any sensors for speed through water or heading on the network (just the axiom being powered up, no network setup yet, thought the gps module would provide that as well. It just sees gps and datum ?
A7b. Distance between position updates (from GPS data) is calculated by the system and used for fuel efficiency calculations by the system.
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