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[CA] [CA11] Axiom 7dv and new NMEA 2k network
01-02-19, 02:52 PM
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RE: [CA11] Axiom 7dv and new NMEA 2k network

Q1a. When I setup my NMEA network, it would still require a power cable on the backbone?
A1a. Correct.

Q1b. (If so, installing a SeaTalkng / NMEA 2000 power insertion spur) will not affect the axiom 7dv, correct?
A2b. Correct.

Q3a - so fuel manager stores the info onboard and reads from the sensor to then do the fuel remaining, range, economy calculations?
A3a. Correct

Q3b. Do In need a tank level sensor? Or just plugging in fuel fill up in axiom will support fuel manager calculations?
A3a. Should a NMEA 2000 fluid level sensor(s) not be installed in the fuel tank(s), then the MFD will only support the Estimated Fuel Remaining data item, and this data item will be calculated by the Fuel Manager feature. Should a NMEA 2000 fluid level sensor(s) be installed within the fuel tank(s), then the MFD would additionally report fuel tank level(s).

Q6. I believe, have to get to the boat this weekend, the wiring harness has a separate tach feed not tied to system the system check 8pin plug. If that is the case, what is the best way to feed tack rpms to the network? An analog converter? Any other way?
A6. Given the age of the engine, it is not likely that it support NMEA 2000 communications and I doubt that you would be able to get a NMEA 2000 engine gateway from the engine manufacturer to support this end. It would appear that the only option would be an analog to NMEA 2000 engine interface such as the ones which you previously discussed. As these are third party products, it would be recommended that the manufacturers of these gateways be contacted to verify compatibility with your engine / gauges.
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