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[TG] [TG11] es128/i70 display/st60plus wind and speed displays
02-14-19, 07:41 PM
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RE: [TG11] es128/i70 display/st60plus wind and speed displays
Hello jjlarogers,

Quote:wind indicator reads high.
How high does it read? Are you looking at True or Apparent wind? Under-reading is not too uncommon, but over-reading when looking at Apparent wind is, in my experience, most likely to be an interference signal on the masthead windvane cable. Not in itself a very common thing, but more below. The minimum cal factor value available in the display does vary with software version (0.7 or 0.75), but the lowest available in that software is the right value to use for a current-generation windvane.

Quote:Wind direction is calibrated correctly on ST60 plus but es128 shows wind direction at least 45 degrees offset?
Assuming you're looking at the same data item on each (True or Apparent), this will almost certainly be an offset in the pointer calibration on the ST60. This isn't the wind-angle alignment that's a standard part of post-installation setup, instead I am talking about the low-level setup which tells the instrument where to drive the motor in order to indicate a particular wind angle. If this is incorrect (and this happened quite often on ST60 and ST60+ analogue displays) then you'd have a discrepancy between the analogue display and another indicator, because the repeater is reading the digital value which the analogue instrument 'thinks' the pointer is pointing at. If the pointer alignment is out, this will also cause errors in calculation of True wind, which could relate to your first point.

There's a re-calibration for this in the display's service Self Test process, which isn't documented in the owner's manual (not a normal part of setup) but is in the attached. This is for ST60 but the ST60+ is the same process. You need to skip past Self Test stages 1 and 2 to get to Self Test 3, which is the pointer cal.

Quote:ST60 plus speed log display has a brown square on inside of the glass of the display
Yes, this does sound like long-term UV damage. We don't have spare PCB/LCD assemblies any longer, so the replacement is i60. You can connect i60 to Seatalk1, the simplest way to do so is via a Seatalk1 3-way junction block (part D244) and an A06073 1m Seatalk1 adaptor cable.

Quote:Both es128 and i70 mfds cannot be set to nautical miles or nm-m. Defaults to statute miles
The unit setup sounds like it's being over-ridden from outside, something on the SeatalkNG network. This is definitely not a generic software issue on these two products. If you would like to record some of the NMEA2000 data at a time when this problem is apparent (see for info on how to record) and post it back here, I'll have a look and see what device is transmitting the unit selection and overriding your choice.


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