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ax7/cx7/e7d/ex7/eSx7 MFD not reporting a numerical depth value - vessel not moving
05-06-16, 10:05 AM (This post was last modified: 01-11-17 02:14 PM by Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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ax7/cx7/e7d/ex7/eSx7 MFD not reporting a numerical depth value - vessel not moving
ax7/cx7/e7d/ex7/eSx7 MFD not reporting a numerical depth value - vessel not moving

It is recommended that you verify that the transducer plug's locking is installed and has been rotated into the lock position to secure the transducer plug to the MFD's Transducer Socket. With the transducer connected to the MFD's Transducer socket, it should then be possible to select either 200kHz or 50kHz operation via the command sequence MENU->CHANNEL->200KHZ or MENU->CHANNEL->50KHZ. Should the MFD be interfaced to other fishfinder sounder modules (ex. CP100, CP200, etc.) then it would be necessary to select the Channel dialog's INTERNAL SOUNDER tab prior to selecting the 200kHz or 50kHz channel.

During manufacturing, a label identifying the model and product id is attached to the plug end of each compatible Raymarine fishfinder transducer. Verify that your MFD's Fishfinder Transducer (selection) setting (MENU->SET-UP->TRANSDUCER SET-UP) has been configured to specify the model of fishfinder transducer (ex. B744V/B744VL/SS5...), and if not re-configure this setting accordingly. For in-hull transducers featuring fluid reservoirs, verify that the reservoir is not leaking and has been filled with the recommended fluid (typically non-toxic, alcohol free, RV antifreeze). Thru-hull transom mounted fishfinder transducers should be inspected to ensure that they are free of marine growth. Transom mounted fishfinder transducers should additionally be inspected to ensure that the transducer's kick-up release is functioning and that the transducer is locked into its operating position.

One should not normally expect that a fishfinder will populate the Depth data item with a numerical Depth value when the transducer is out of the water, when the depth of the water below the transducer is less than 3', or when the depth of the water below the transducer exceeds the maximum depth of the fishfinder/transducer combination. In such cases, the reported Depth data item value will be -.-. The reported Depth data item value may also be -.- if the face of the fishfinder transducer is exposed to an aerated flow of water across its face when the vessel is propelled at speed approaching plane and when on plane. However, if observing the Fishfinder plot, one may typically expect to see some imaging (albeit not detecting a bottom or any detail) associated with operation of the sonar ... such observations are commonly performed as a rudimentary test of the fishfinder.

Should your system not respond as indicated above, then it is recommended that your MFD be tested with another compatible transducer to fault isolate the problem to the transducer or to the MFD's internal sounder circuitry. Alternatively, the MFD may be sent to Raymarine’s Product Repair Center.

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