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[CA11] Uncommanded System Reboot - Axiom Pro
03-19-19, 06:38 AM
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RE: [CA11] Uncommanded System Reboot - Axiom Pro
Here is my log of the most recent USR:

16 Mar 19; 1630
• While at anchor, I was checking routes to select the one I would use between Musha Cay and George Town. I inspected several routes using touch screen and uni-controller. A USR occurred.
• While the chart function came back in operation in 45-60 sec, It took more than 5 min before the GPS position became available again. Note: the GPS was fully active before the USR. The axiom is mounted in the cockpit with no obstructions overhead, only bimini canvas.
• It would be a great feature to have a fail-safe mode after a USR occurs: the Axiom boots up immediately to the last chart shown with vessel location.

I will provide an updated system configuration drawing within the next 36 hrs.

Per your suggestion, I am connecting the ST7002+ autopilot control head directly to the SPX30 via ST-1. However, Note: in the present configuration it communicates with the SPX30 via the ST-1 - ST-ng converter over the ST-ng backbone and it has worked flawlessly.

Attached are the diagnostics for the most recent USR incident.

Other data to follow.

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