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[CA11] Lighthouse II Shapes or Boundaries Couple other questions
04-09-19, 03:21 PM
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RE: [CA11] Lighthouse II Shapes or Boundaries Couple other questions
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum JeepSWAG,

Q1. Is there a way to draw or import a shape into Lighthouse II charts? I'm trying to show marine protected areas on the chart, as a shape. My current work around is to create a route, to form the boarders of the protected area. I would like to create a shaded polygon, like we see in Google Earth.
A1. Unfortunately, the workaround which you have identified is the only means of accomplishing the end sought for systems running LightHouse II software.

Q2. My routes are all showing up on my Lighthouse II charts. Even if I'm not following them. Is there a way to mark a route as visible or hidden from charts?
A2. Indeed there is a means to show or hide a route which is independent of following a route. As long as a route is not being followed, it may be hidden from within the Chart application page/pane being viewed (MENU->MY DATA->ROUTES->SHOW/HIDE ... from the displayed dialog, the operator may choose to show/hide all routes or show/hide routes selected by the user. The act of hiding a route will only hide the route's leg lines. Waypoints (including those associated with a route) may be hidden after routes which include the waypoint have been hidden. The command sequence MENU->MY DATA->WAYPOINTS->SHOW/HIDE may similarly be used to access a menu from which all or selected waypoints or waypoint groups may be shown or hidden.

Q3. Last question, is there a way to enter waypoint, route and track groups, outside of the es78 (on a PC?) and save them back to the MFD?
A3. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject. At the time of this response, Navionics UK and Raymarine were recommending Navigation Planner computer software for computer based waypoint/route planning needs.
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