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[CA] [CA11] X-5 Autopilot i60 Wind Instrument
05-01-19, 09:31 AM
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RE: [CA11] X-5 Autopilot i60 Wind Instrument
Q1: The course computer was sent in for repairs 3 years ago. How can I determine the version of the software currently installed before I go to the expense of sending it in again? What version needs to be installed to resolve this issue?
A1: It is recommended SPX autopilots be operating with v3.05 software. The currently installed version of software within the SPX autopilot course computer may be determined by holding the STANDBY button pressed until the control head's software version is displayed. After seeing the control head's software version, press the DISPLAY button to view the version of software which is installed within the autopilot course computer.

Q2. When I first installed the i60 wind instrument, before I tried setting up the network, I installed a ST cable from the ST6002 to the i60 (STng) hoping that it would shared data. All that it did was power the i60. No data was shared. I believe that I used the A06047 cable (same except length?) to accomplish.
A2. Should the i60 Wind instrument be interfaced only to the system via SeaTalk (i.e. disconnect from the SeaTalkng backbone and connect to the ST6002 autopilot control head via an A06073 / 39.4in (1.0m) SeaTalkng to SeaTalk Adapter Cable or A06047 / 15.7in (0.4m) SeaTalkng to SeaTalk Adapter Cable to connect the i60 Wind instrument to the ST6002 autopilot control head). While wind data may not be displayed on the autopilot control head, it should be possible to command the autopilot into Wind Vane mode.
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