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[CA] [CA11] Upgrade questions
05-10-19, 11:56 AM (This post was last modified: 05-10-19 02:45 PM by Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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[CA11] Upgrade questions
I am considering upgrading my electronics and am looking at deciding incremental or going all at once. I have a few questions.

Presently, I have 2 E120W, CP300 with B164 ducer, R424D, HS5 switch, FLIR II Thermal Camera w/JCU, and a SR100 Satellite Receiver.

My contemplated system includes 2 Axioms. 1 of them would definitely be the Axiom PRO RXV. The other will be an Axiom of some variation; PRO S or Axiom.

Question 1: I like the hybrid touch feature of having manual knob/button for rough weather/wet hands etc. I looked at the RMK 10 and it seems to indicate that it can switch between two screens to control. Can the keypad on Axiom PRO do the same to control a second Axiom?

Question 2: Do the PRO axioms with keypad suffer a screen size penalty over the regular Axiom to accommodate the keypad?

Question 3: If I hold off on upgrading the FLIR II, will the Axioms behave like my E120W where only the MFD that has the analog camera input display the camera? I am thinking about the M232, which I believe will allow me to use any MFD to display/control due to M232 IP output correct? Are the ClearCruise analytics a function of the LH3 such that they work on any Axiom display I select?

Question 4: I will get the RV 100 transducer. Can I still connect my B164 thru hull and operate the 50/200 with the PRO RXV along with the RV100; can I put the B164 on the RXV or should I still use the CP300?

Question 5: The PRO RXV has two Raynet Ethernet ports; can 1 of them be used to connect another item onto the network so I don't run out of ports on HS5?

Sorry for the long post any any other advice would be greatly appreciated.
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