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[TG] Seatalk Failure
05-21-19, 02:26 AM
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RE: Seatalk Failure
Hello Chris,

Is the 12.8V you're seeing between Seatalk Red-screen or Yellow-screen? What do you see between Yellow-screen? In such a small network you should see a fluctuating voltage somewhere around 4-8V (averaging of zero to 12V pulses, too fast for a multimeter to pick up), but I suspect you'll see a static voltage,

If you can borrow another ST1 device you may be able to use that as a diagnosis tool (by seeing whether it communicates, depending on what you can lay your hands on), or you can disconnect the ST cable from the course computer and see whether you then see a good signal voltage (yellow) there, but without an oscilloscope it's very hard to diagnose this sort of problem with only 2 devices. In a larger network you can find the problem product or cable by a process of elimination but with only 2 devices you have nothing to eliminate.

Is it definitely an ST6000 display (black with a red seal) or a later model, and is it an ST6000 Course Computer (black metal housing with connections in a terminal box at one end) or something later like a T100/300 (terminals along one of the long edges)?


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