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[LW11] DSM30 or 300 wont take update from E90W
07-09-19, 10:18 AM
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RE: [LW11] DSM30 or 300 wont take update from E90W
Dear unixdood,

Please follow these instructions on updating the DSM30/300

E-Series Widescreen:
1) Copy the “autorunc.dob” file onto a blank CF card together with the two upgrade packages: “DSM300-APP.PKG” & “DSM300-BTLD-v5.18.PKG”.

o Note, You MUST use v1.09 “autorunc.dob” file as earlier versions will not work with the current Bootloader in the DSM.

2) Connect the DSM to the E-Wide via a Crossover Coupler or a SeatalkHS Switch

3) Insert the CF card into the E-wide chart reader slot

4) Apply power to the E-Wide and DSM and wait for the MFD to boot into the upgrade utility.

5) Select the Bootloader package v5.18 and press “Upgrade Remote Unit”, then “Upgrade Remote Unit on Ethernet”

6) Now, Cycle the power to the DSM ONLY. There will be an approximate 10 second delay before the upgrade will commence.

o Note: There is a 120 second delay built into the autorun utility, from the time you press “Upgrade Remote Unit on Ethernet” and from when you power cycle the DSM off and on again.

7) Boot code is now upgraded to v5.18……

8) To upgrade the DSM Application to v4.20, now repeat steps 5 and 6 but select the Application package v4.20 instead of the bootloader.

9) Now remove the CF Card from the E-Wide and power cycle the system. Check the DSM is performing as desired.
Please ensure you check any Depth Offset in the DSM once you have upgraded the software

Many Thanks
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