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[LW] [LW11] i50 Tridata / SPX-10
07-08-19, 02:34 AM (This post was last modified: 07-09-19 06:40 AM by Louise - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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[LW11] i50 Tridata / SPX-10

I am progressively updating an older ST system to STNG.
Can you help me with a few questions?

1. Can the i50 Tridata perform full calibration of speed and depth transducers? My speed and depth transducers are currently connected to separate ST60 speed and ST60 depth displays - would the i50 Tridata be the best way to get that data into a properly powered and terminated STNG backbone without using an ITC-5? I have already done something similar with an i60 Wind display.

2. Can an SPX-10 pilot computer power one or two ST6002 autopilot heads through ST? I know the SPX-10 is not designed to power a whole ST system but would it work for just one or two displays?

3. Will the ST6002 head "see" wind data if it goes into the SPX-10 through STNG? Also, can you point me in the direction of the cable colours for STNG (as I assume I need to cut the end off the cable to connect it to the SPX-10)?

Many thanks.
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07-25-19, 10:42 AM
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RE: [LW11] i50 Tridata / SPX-10
Hi 9203R
Thankyou for your enquiry,

If the i50 tridata is replacing an ST60 tridata, then simply transfer the ST60 transducers over to the i50 Tridata, which will then perform all the usual depth and speed calibrations.
The option is to use an i50 Tridata or an itc-5 with an i70 - which is needed to calibrate the itc-5.

The SPX-10 can easily power two ST6002 autopilot heads through SeaTalk

The SPX course computer is either SeaTalk or STng, it will not transfer information between the two. the recommendation would be to run the SPX10 on SeaTalk and then connect the SeaTalk to STng via an E22158 converter.

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09-03-19, 05:09 PM
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RE: [LW11] i50 Tridata / SPX-10
Derek - I only just saw this but thanks very much.
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09-06-19, 03:01 AM
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RE: [LW11] i50 Tridata / SPX-10
You are welcome.
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