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[TG11] ST 1000+ displays
11-19-19, 09:03 PM
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RE: [TG11] ST 1000+ displays
(08-15-19 09:26 PM)Tom - Raymarine - Moderator Wrote:  Hello bluetango,

The most common cause of this sort of thing is if there's a dip in supply voltage to the pilot (perhaps because of a high-resistance/poor connection in the supply cabling) when the pilot tries to drive. Driving the motor draws extra current and will pull down the supply voltage, and if the supply is 'choked' then the voltage will dip enough that the processor resets and the pilot comes back up in Standby. Battery voltage is almost irrelevant, it's the voltage reaching the pilot under load that counts and that will not be the same as the battery voltage. A good analogy would be trying to water the garden with a kinked hose.

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