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[DG] [DG11] LightHouse 3.10.42 upgrade install
08-29-19, 04:38 AM
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RE: [DG11] LightHouse 3.10.42 upgrade install
Dear jakob_hyldahl,

Thank you for your post.

What size sd cards are you using?

At what point does the screen bring up the recovery mode during the software update?

This is the same problem with installation of software from an sd card and when performing it update via the Axiom online?

Can you perform a power on reset, please be aware you will lose all settings and data, ensure you back this information up before performing the reset. Power down the Axiom from the power source (not just the power swipe button), then power the Axiom back on and swipe the power button from right to left a minimum of 5 times. The standby button will turn blue and the recovery screen will be displayed, select the factory reset followed by a reboot of the machine.

Try to perform the software update after the reset.

Many Thanks
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