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[TG11] Smart Pilot X30 losing calibration
09-11-19, 11:19 PM (This post was last modified: 02-26-20 10:37 AM by Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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RE: [TG11] Smart Pilot X30 losing calibration
Hello Azura,

I don't think that the problem you're describing is loss-of-calibration. You almost certainly have either a failing/failed Rate Gyro in the SPX (outputting a rate-of-turn signal even when the boat isn't turning) or, from your description what is more likely, you have a broken winding in your fluxgate. Broken windings can produce very intermittent symptoms depending on whether they're making or otherwise an end-to-end contact on the very fine wires of the winding. The drift in heading when dockside is characteristic of a discrepancy between fluxgate and rate-gyro and not of a loss-of-cal. Calibration won't fix either of these problems.

To find out whether the problem is rate gyro or fluxgate, you can either measure the output from the rate gyro chip on the SPX's board (difficult!) or re-test the fluxgate a number of times, giving it a gentle rattle between tests. A pass on fluxgate resistances does not unfortunately guarantee that it's good, it just means that you have contact at the moment of the test. I was on a boat in Turkey once testing a pilot which had had problems for many months. Day 1, no problem with pilot or resistance check, Day 2 no problem, Day 3 the pilot did exactly what the owner had been reporting for months and the resistance check was a fail. That's what I think you have.


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