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[CA] [CA11] Autopilot power steering
09-23-19, 01:39 PM
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RE: [CA11] Autopilot power steering
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Mike,

Q1. On my old Ctrek autopilot I could use the controller/remote to manually move the rudder. i.e press the left arrow and the rudder would move to port, press the right arrow and the rudder would move to starboard.
A1. The feature which you have inquired about is known as Power Steering Mode and would be used in conjunction with a p70RS or p70R autopilot control head rather then a p70S or p70 autopilot control head.

Q2. When the autopilot was actively engaged, there was also an avoidance mode that once pressed the autopilot would come 10 degrees off course, then come back course.
A2. The described feature is partially supported with the p70S and p70 autopilot control heads. When the +10 or -10 button is pressed when in Auto or Track mode, the autopilot's heading will change 10 degrees starboard or 10 degrees to port and the autopilot's mode will change to Auto if it had been previously in Track mode. Pressing the opposite +10 or -10 button will return the vessel to its original heading. If previously in Track mode, then selecting the Track function key again will cause the vessel to rejoin the course line.
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