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Adjusting transducer frequencies within LightHouse 3 software
09-23-19, 10:26 AM (This post was last modified: 09-23-19 10:37 AM by Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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Adjusting transducer frequencies within LightHouse 3 software
Adjusting transducer frequencies within LightHouse 3 software

From the standpoint of marking fish with a fishfinder, some species of fish will mark better with frequencies other than the 50kHz or 200kHz frequencies employed by traditional fishfinders. While CHIRP sonar was initially developed to improve sonar image definition, one of the benefits of CHIRP sonar is that it is capable of marking a greater variety of fish species. This is accomplished pinging across a range of frequencies (+/- 50% of selected sonar channel) rather than a fixed frequency. Additionally, when seeking to target a specific species of fish, one may want the fishfinder to ping at a frequency which is commonly believed to best for marking a desired species. To accommodate this desire, Raymarine's MFDs in conjunction with 50kHz/200kHz or 1kW CHIRP transducers support fishfinder frequency tuning. For MFDs running LightHouse 3 software, select the Sonar Channel of the desired frequency / center frequency from the Fishfinder application's menu (MENU). After doing so, the command sequence to access frequency tuning is MENU->SETTINGS->SOUNDER->TUNE FREQUENCY. The frequency may be tuned to +/-50% of the center frequency selected.

Example where the desired frequency is 35kHz:
- 50kHz Sonar Channel is been selected from the Fishfinder menu (MENU)
- Frequency Adjustment = Desired Frequency - Center Frequency (35kHz - 50kHz = -15kHz)
- Tune Frequency = Frequency Adjustment / Center Frequency ( -15kHz / 50kHz = -30%)

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