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[DG] [DG11] ST6001 Diagnostic Help Please.....
09-27-19, 01:00 PM (This post was last modified: 09-27-19 01:11 PM by Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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[DG11] ST6001 Diagnostic Help Please.....
I recently updated my electronics but kept the ST6001 pilot comprising: ST6001 Control Unit, S3 Computer and an L&S Hydraulic Linear Drive (2201788).

The rest of the system is:
2 E70367 Axiom 9 RV, 3.10.42 (connected via raynet cable).
1 E70327 i70 display
1 E70476 AIS 700
1 E70498 Quantum 2 Radar
1 E70010 iTC-5 with new depth and speed and wind transducers
1 E22158 ST1 to STng adaptor to interface with existing ST6001 Smart Pilot

1. With the system in Response Level 1, the system takes quite a while to settle onto course but it eventually gets it. It does struggle however in higher sea state and gusty conditions.
Response Level 2 appears to work when motoring in flat sea state but wont hold course when gusty.
Response Level 3 doesn't seem to drive at all.

2. System works (in good conditions) in wind vane mode but wont drive to waypoint. The course on control unit decreases and the drive follows - always to port.

Id appreciate some thoughts about what could be happening here - some suggested tests to isolate the fault would be well received.

Thanks in anticipation
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09-30-19, 09:01 AM
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RE: [DG11] ST6001 Diagnostic Help Please.....
Hi djangotoo

Thankyou for your enquiry,

The response levels should escalate the activity rate of the autopilot, with 1 being the least activity and 3 being very responsive, they do however depend on what calibration settings you have made in the Autopilot calibration, please go into calibration and write down all the current settings, please send them to us and advise details of the boat too, sail, power, LOA and displacement.

Please advise the process to going into track mode on the Autopilot. When in track mode, is the correct BTW displayed and the correct XTE? Does the vessel head direct towards the waypoint or head towards the track line instead? ( in some cases this means the boat actually turns away from the waypoint as it tries to reduce the cross track error as quickly as it can)

When you engae track mode is the vessel on the track to the target waypoint or some way off the track?

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10-07-19, 10:51 AM
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RE: [DG11] ST6001 Diagnostic Help Please.....
Hi Derek, thanks for helping.
Following are Calibration Settings:
Cal Lock: Off, Sail Boat, Drive Type: 3, Align Rud: 0, Rud Lmt: 25, Rud Gain: 2, Count Rud: 2, Rud Dmp: 2, Auto Trim: 1, Resp: 2, Off Course: 20, Auto Tk: 90, Gybe Stop: On, Wind: App, Wind Trim: 5, PWR Steer: 1, Cruise Sp: 8, Auto Adapt: Nth, Lat: 0, Reset: Off

The vessel is a 40 foot sailing boat 10.5 ton.

I have been unable to take the boat out to check the symptoms of the track mode. I cant recall the situation so it is possible that it was trying to quickly reduce XTE??

I hope this helps
Kind regards
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10-07-19, 11:04 AM
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RE: [DG11] ST6001 Diagnostic Help Please.....
Hi Nigel,

Glancing at the calibration settings you copied us, it seems that the rudder gain is very low, would have expected 4 or 5, rudder damping is also low, would expect 5 or 6, response 1 as well.

Also bear in mind, if the boat is some way off track, with a low rudder gain, the pilot will turn the boat towards the track, but take some time to do this and the boat will likely understeer quite significantly and this may be what you are seeing.

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10-08-19, 01:49 PM
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RE: [DG11] ST6001 Diagnostic Help Please.....
Thanks Derek, sounds like something to try.
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10-09-19, 03:52 AM
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RE: [DG11] ST6001 Diagnostic Help Please.....
You are welcome.
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