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[LW] [LW11] St4000+ Identity crisis
09-28-19, 11:25 AM (This post was last modified: 09-30-19 05:40 AM by Louise - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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[LW11] St4000+ Identity crisis
My st4000+ starts up as a wheel autopilot.

When i go to the dealer setup i manually change it into Till and save this setting...all is fine.

BUT...when i switch off and start up again , the st4000+ thinks she is a wheel autopilot again. can i change it forever in a st 4000+ TILL?

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10-02-19, 04:34 AM
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RE: [LW11] St4000+ Identity crisis
Dear wouterverhulst,

Thank you for you email.

The ST4000 is no longer supported product and we do not carry spares for the means of repair anymore. It sounds like your ST4000 is starting to fail, in particular the memory on the unit.

Unfortunately there is nothing you can do regarding this issue. The ST4000 will continue to operate as usual, there are very few differences in the menu between wheel and tiller.

Many Thanks
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