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11-11-19, 09:10 PM (This post was last modified: 11-13-19 09:40 PM by Jules - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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Hi all
My A78 had a failed CPU board. I seem to have made a mistake of buying a RAYMARINE AXIOM down vision 7" as a replacement (same transponder) and regret that already. It does not auto route properly and often takes me over land to get from point to point. The only way to get it to auto-route is to hand select a point on the map and use the 'build route' option in the Go to function - you cannot select a destination from your markers that are saved, say 'go to' and have it auto-route for you. After trying for a few trips to get it to work (thinking it must be me), I now use my Navionics app on my phone which autoroutes every time automatically and perfectly. I can't easily get any good use out of it and am really disappointed by it. By the way, the hard plastic screen protector became scratched to an ugly mess after one trip lying on the dash. My Navionics Pacific maps are up to date. The Raymarine software is up to date.
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11-13-19, 09:36 PM
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Hi Darren,

We believe Axioms are an improvement on A series MDFs as an Autoroute function is not available on an A78. "Build route" or "Go to" will not build an Autoroute.

An extract from the LH3 manual about this feature;

"You can select any point on the Chart and from the Chart context menu select 'Autoroute to' here or you can select 'Autoroute to' from an existing waypoint’s context menu to create a route automatically between your vessel and the chosen point.

The created route is generated by comparing data available on your cartography against the minimum safe distances specified in the Boat details menu: (Homescreen > Settings > Boat details).

Waypoints will not be placed in areas that conflict with your specified minimum safe distances. Caution symbols are used for waypoints that are near objects or restricted areas.

Never follow a route before checking each route leg is safe for your vessel."

Sorry to hear your sun cover is scratched. If you have any other issues with your Axiom please let us know.

Hope this helps

Kind regards
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