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[CA11] Es-78 MFD, microtalk, and wireless wind - Peregrine1983 - 07-15-19 10:55 AM

Hi all,

First off, thank you in advance for any help here.

I’m trying to get my Raymarine es-78 MFD to see information from my Raymarine microtalk, and by extension my Raymarine wireless wind indicator (rebranded Tack Tick).

I have connected my mfd, a power cable, and the micro talk to the seatalk Ng starter kit backbone and have terminated it properly. (I believe. Photos attached.)

I have my wind indicator in the sun so the solar panels are getting juice.

I have everything connected and sitting within 11 inches of each other.

I have 12v going into the seatalkng 5-way connector with the red and black cable, I have the white seatalkng cable that came with the micro talk connected to the 5-way connector, and I have the black and white spur cable connected from the mfd to the 5-way connector. I'm assuming that this 5-way connector acts as my "backbone". I have the two blue terminator plugs in either end of the 5-way connector.

The micro talk led blinks 4 red flashes every 12 seconds... which is not in the manual as a code with meaning.

In the es78 menu I’m going to SET UP -> SYSTEM SETTINGS -> DATA SOURCES -> WIND.

It scans for a wind source and comes up with nothing. I have power cycled everything numerous times.

Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

Thanks again for your help.

RE: [CA11] Es-78 MFD, microtalk, and wireless wind - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 07-18-19 02:42 PM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Peregrine1983,

Please indicate the model of Tack Tick display or remote which is being used to calibrate the wind transducer