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[TG11] TWS/TWA/TWD not showing on Axiom Pro overlay
01-07-20, 02:27 PM (This post was last modified: 01-08-20 03:19 PM by Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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[TG11] TWS/TWA/TWD not showing on Axiom Pro overlay
I have an Axiom Pro MFD and am having difficulty getting TWS/TWA/TWD to show up as a page overlay on the charts.

The wind speed/direction/angle is coming from an Airmar 120WX weather instrument connected to a Furuno RD33 display. The RD33 properly shows true wind speed/direction/angle and apparent wind speed/direction/angle. The RD33 is connected to the SeatalkNG network.

I can also get both true and apparent wind speed/direction/angle on my laptop and Ipad which is being output from a NNEA2000 wifi gateway connected to the SeatalkNg network. To me this implies that the parameters TWS/TWA/TWD are being output to the SeatalkNG network.

When I try to insert TWS or TWA as an overlay on a chart it shows no data (dashes only) despite there being wind (per what the RD33 and laptop/Ipad's are showing). The weird thing is I can get apparent wind (AWS and AWA) parameters to show up as an overlay, just not the actual true wind speed/direction. Obviously when I am at the dock and not moving both true and apparent will be the same but I'd like to be able to display the true wind speed/direction while underway.

I've tried in vain to find a solution to this problem. Is there some sort of bug in the software not recognizing the TWS/TWA/TWD parameters? Thanks
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[TG11] TWS/TWA/TWD not showing on Axiom Pro overlay - Wdeertz - 01-07-20 02:27 PM

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