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Dodge Mode with p70r autopilot
06-30-16, 03:56 PM (This post was last modified: 06-30-16 04:05 PM by Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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RE: Dodge Mode with p70r autopilot

A feature request will be submitted to consider your feature suggestion to be included within a future autopilot software update.

Please note that no Raymarine autopilot designs within the last 15 years have automatically turned the vessel back onto the course line unless directed by the operator to do so ... how would the the autopilot know when the vessel had cleared the obstruction which was being dodged? Prior to the ST5000+, some autopilot designs included a dodge feature (a simple ON/OFF mechanism) the required the operator to switch the feature OFF to re-join the course line and resume Track mode. By design, use of the autopilot's dodge/locked heading adjustment buttons (+/-1 & +/-10) or dodge/locked heading adjustment knob, will cause the MFD to leave Track mode and revert to Auto mode where it will steer to the locked heading configured via the dodge/locked heading adjustment buttons/knob. Once clear of the obstruction, the Track button will be pressed to resume tracking to rejoin the course line and steer to the waypoint which had been steered to prior to dodging. Essentially, the process is the same in that it requires a couple button presses (the first triggers the autopilot to identify the new heading and the second confirms that it is safe to steer to the new heading) to resume rejoining the course line and continue following the route or going to the waypoint/cursor position commanded.
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