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Axiom 9 GPS slow to fix
07-09-18, 03:58 PM
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Axiom 9 GPS slow to fix
I've recently installed an Axiom 9RV w/o XDR w/ Nav+ E70367-00-NAG in my 48' Carver, with Quantum radar and RV-212 transducers. The MFD software is updated to v3.5.40. I find the results vastly better than my previous Raymarine analog products, and the Sidevision / Downvision is nothing short of amazing!

However, there are two problems:
- The GPS will take 10 to 15 minutes to fix after power up, and although about 6 satellites will be in green status at any given time, it will frequently lose fix while underway without warning.
- The date reported by my MFD is not correct, although the differential between GMT and my time zone has been set.

To troubleshoot this far:
- Problematic since installation, and issue existed prior and subsequent to reset and two software updates
- The supply voltage / ground has been verified with a Fluke meter, and is monitored on the MFD as a troubleshooting aid
- Transducer and power supply cabling is physically separated from other sources of interference
- Issue unchanged with or without transducers connected
- Issue unchanged with or without WiFi connection to the Quantum radar
- The VFH radio is not in operation when this happens
- The engines are diesel and mechanical injection
- The MFD is installed on the flybridge, and the Carver only has a bimini top
- No external interference seems to be in consideration, as the problem exists regardless of location

Any ideas what might be causing this? An external GPS antenna would seem unnecessary considering there is nothing but canvas between the MFD and the sky.
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07-16-18, 04:56 PM
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RE: Axiom 9 GPS slow to fix
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum mseanowen,

In some cases where the MFD has been mounted within the helm surface, the materials from which the helm has been constructed can block or reduce GPS signal strength sufficiently to cause the reported symptoms. In such cases, such effects may be verified by lifting the unpowered MFD from the helm surface to test its ability to acquire a GPS position fix when outside of the mounting surface. If found to acquire a GPS position fix within a couple of minutes, then the MFD's internal GPS sensor would be deemed operational and the problem would be corrected by interfacing the MFD to an external GPS sensor (ex. Raystar 150, etc.). However, should the MFD not rapidly acquire a GPS position fix when tested in the manner stated, then it would be recommended that the MFD by replaced by your Raymarine dealer (if purchased within the last 30 days) or sent to Raymarine’s Product Repair Center to be bench checked / serviced.
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