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[DG11] Autopilot/system cabling questions
06-11-19, 11:47 AM (This post was last modified: 06-12-19 08:11 AM by Derek - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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[DG11] Autopilot/system cabling questions
Good afternoon,
I have been slowly troubleshooting an issue with my autopilot. Originally it was oscillating about 12" to port and then immediately the same distance to starboard, back and forth. I rebuilt the hydraulic cylinder and it no longer does that but goes hard over upon pushing the 'auto' button on the P70.

So far in the process I have updated the autopilot components to the newest software versions successfully but still need to update the Stng converter and the RS130. I have attached a diagram of the current wiring and hoped you could take a look at it to see if I am on the right track. In reading other threads in the forum I plan to change the current configuration by installing a power bus which will provide power to the ACU, the Stng backbone and the ST60 instruments individually and turn off the ACU power out switch (currently powering everything). I also read that I should cut and isolate the red wire in the splice from the ST60's.

Other than feedback on the diagram my other questions are:
1. Should I cut the red wire in the current splice and leave the bare to bare wires and the yellow to yellow wires attached as shown?

2. In adding separate power to the ST60's what is the correct colors of wire to connect to each other and the power bus?

My current equipment is:
P70, V3.08
ACU 400, V2.23
EV1, V3.02
R130, V2.20
Stng Converter, V1.21
E120 Classic, V5.69
E80 Classic, V5.69
(3) ST60+

Thanks, you guys have been a great help so far!!
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06-12-19, 08:21 AM
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RE: [DG11] Autopilot/system cabling questions
Hi Kmac
Thank you for your enquiry.

One of the issues is the power to the ST60s. They should be powered separately and the red wire in the splice disconnected and insulated. The STng then has it's own power supply which feeds the STng connected displays and the ST60s have their own supply. The Power to the ST60s is simply 12v to the red SeaTalk wire and 0v to the bare wire (or screen/ Shield).

The STng, the ACU400, the E120 and E80, the ST60 network will all require their own power supply.

if the Autopilot still continues to go hard over when AUTO selected:-

Select STANDBY, turnt he wheel to starboard - does the rudder angle display show green? If yes, good, if RED, then reverse the RED and GREEN wires of the rudder reference unit where it is connected to the ACU.

Once the rudder angle displays correctly in Standby, then Select AUTO and quickly press 3 x =10, does the drive turn to Starboard? If yes, good, if no, reverse the polarity of motor wires connected to the ACU.


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