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Full Version: [DG11] Test of new ST60 Wind PCB
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After replacement of the old PCB in in my ST60+ Wind Mast Head Unit(MHU), I wanted to test it before new season.
I do so as describe in this post: http://forum.raymarine.com/forumdisplay.php?fid=117
I powered it up separately with 8V and measured the Voltage of the yellow to black (Ground) wire. But it switches only from 0V to 2.5 V while slowly turning the anemometer.
Will the instrument work with this or have I to reply to the seller?
Thank you for answer
Hi Juergen

Thank you for your enquiry

You should see a higher voltage on the output from the Speed from the masthead unit, you should expect to see between 3 to 5v or 0 volts when slowly turning the masthead anemometer, the output is a square wave twice a rotation.

The 2.5v measurement is too low - however if the wind display to which you are connecting it is particularly sensitive, you might find that it triggers the speed sufficiently to give a ready, might be an idea to connect it to a display and test directly.

Thank you for reply,

do you think it is an original sparepart?
I try to attach pictures

Best regards
Hi Juergen

This does look an original spare part, but possibly could be damaged by the previous user or damaged during storage.


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