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Full Version: [CA11] Anemometer attachment to mounting arm
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I have Raymarine forward standard arm wind transducer connected to a ST60 wind instrument. The adhesive attaching the transducer head to the mounting arm has failed which allows the head to slide and rotate on the arm. I'm still getting a speed and direction on the display so the transducer is still functional but, the head is at a 90 degree angle to horizontal so the direction is not correct. What type of adhesive should be used to reattach the head? I can tell there's an indexing point to ensure the proper horizontal alignment is achieved but, can't see any evidence of an epoxy or urethane type of adhesive. I don't believe it was assembled with an interference fit. The arm to the mast mount connector appears to have an epoxy as the adhesive.
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The transducer and the masthead arm should be aligned via a keyway and key. It would be recommended that a quality super glue (cyanoacrylate), ex. Gorilla Super Glue gel, be used to bond the transducer to the masthead arm.
Thanks, the Gorilla Super Glue gel worked well.
You're welcome.
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