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[LW11] Element 9s NMEA Rx - Matsev - 02-18-20 03:56 AM

I am interested in buying an Element 9s plotter. However, I wish to feed my 0183 TackTick wind instrument with GPS-data from the plotter (after converting between 0183 and 2000). The TackTick then calculates and presents TWS and TWA from the GPS data.
Question: The plotter manual states that the corresponding NMEA 2000 sentences are "only transmitted to DSC VHF radios when Send GPS to VHF setting is enabled from the GPS/GNSS Settings menu".
Should I take this to mean that GPS data can only be transmitted to VHF and not e.g. to a wind instrument, or that the GPS data can be read by any equipment (conforming to NMEA 2000) but that reading by VHF must be enabled in the plotter menu?

RE: [LW11] Element 9s NMEA Rx - Louise - Raymarine - Moderator - 02-21-20 11:53 AM

Dear matsev,

Thank you for your post.

This is correct. The NMEA2000 GPS is VHF output only.

Many Thanks