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[TG11] a98 and Q24D Doppler - unixdood - 04-28-20 08:43 PM

Looking at purchasing a new scanner. I read the Quantum 2 Q24C will work with the A98 but will the new Q24D Doppler radar work with the A98 also?

[TG11] RE: a98 and Q24D Doppler - Tom - Raymarine - Moderator - 04-29-20 01:09 AM

Hello unixdood,

No, Lighthouse2 software doesn't support the Doppler features. Technically a Q24D will work in non-Doppler mode so it is still work considering a Q24D if you plan to upgrade the a98 in the future and want to ready for Doppler, but until then a standard Quantum and a Q24D will operate identically on an a98.


RE: [TG11] a98 and Q24D Doppler - unixdood - 04-29-20 10:01 AM

thanks Tom