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[TG11] A67 Not following waypoint - freebird66 - 05-17-20 06:52 AM

My system consist of a A67 MFD, Evoultion Ev-1 with P70 control head and St60+ Speed, Depth and Wind. Everything is communicating. I tell the the A67 to goto waypoint and when I change to Highway screen it says its not following. When I tell it to track it says no data. I have the auto pilot set to on , on the Mfd.

RE: [TG11] A67 Not following waypoint - Tom - Raymarine - Moderator - 05-20-20 02:08 AM

Hello freebird66,

Could you perhaps post a (clear) video of the operations you're doing? The only reasons I can think of now why an MFD wouldn't do a Goto Waypoint are either if there's no GPS fix or if there's already active navigation data, from another waypoint or an external device.