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[TG11] GPS rs150 to backbone - slrebert - 05-30-20 05:26 PM

I'm having trouble connecting my rs150 to my axiom 9. I bought a backbone and still cant rogue out what wires I need

RE: [TG11] GPS rs150 to backbone - Tom - Raymarine - Moderator - 06-09-20 11:48 PM

Hello slrebert,

What backbone part number or numbers was it that you bought? What display are you trying to connect the RS150 to, an Axiom MFD? We can give you more specific connection information if we know exactly what you have.

If your display was an Axiom then you would get backbone kit T12217. This contains everything you need - the red/black power cable goes into one white spur socket, the RS150 into a second and the Axiom into the third via the supplied Devicenet-STNG adaptor cable. The two blue backbone terminators go into the blue sockets on the ends.