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Vektor setting and laylines - wraa - 10-24-16 09:12 AM

HI i have problems, getting it right even if i chose the setting calculate tide
the vind direction isn't right the calculation is not calculated on COG but HDT
se the 2 picture below on starboard it should subtract the drift and on port added , in the advance setting you can set cal drift but nothing happens, but it have effect on the lay line set up so it doing it right , but in the layline setup there is also a setting for cal drift but it not working ??

Peter Wraa

RE: Vektor setting and laylines - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 10-25-16 12:07 PM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Peter,

Is the vessel equipped with a speed through water sensing transducer? If so, please attach a screen snapshot showing the value reported for the Speed data item.

RE: Vektor setting and laylines - wraa - 11-03-16 06:50 PM

yes it there and the wind thr/app is calculated

on the pic there is [censored]=watherspeed


RE: Vektor setting and laylines - wraa - 05-10-17 11:54 AM

There is some photos , and the photo with is the trough wind direction
wen you do some calculation also get 78 degreas and on the chart plotter the wind arrow is pointing at 62 degreas ... and my drift is 13 ca. so there is some thing wrong in the cal.

and can i have a email address so i can send a small video showing the lay lines and why we need a filter , wen sailing in big waves the sensor is jumping , making the reading unusable , boat can go from 2 to 8kn , but on my tri data display it ok and stable because there is a filter

kind regard
peter wraa