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[TG11] Speed Response Rate - andrewlachlan - 10-16-18 06:16 AM

After having removed several ST60’s and installed 2 x Axiom 7’s and an ST70 which interface to my existing transducers via an ITC5 I am having issues with trying to adjust the speed response rate for STW on the Axiom’s. I can adjust the response rate on the ST70 display just fine, but the Axioms remain updating much too quickly for a racing yacht which is a problem as these are my primary display – the ST70 is mainly only in the system as a calibration tool. I cannot seem to locate how to change the Axiom speed response rate.

RE: [TG11] Speed Response Rate - Tom - Raymarine - Moderator - 10-17-18 05:26 PM

Hello Andrew,

At present the STW response isn't configurable. We have logged similar requests before and have a development item in the pipeline to add dampening to Dashboard data, though at this stage I don't know when that will enter our software. I will add your feedback to the open item.