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[TG11] Wind transducer cable voltages - Jaa - 03-24-19 05:15 AM

I have an essentially Raymarine system for a small 30ft race yacht 2011 vintage. It uses STng with an A50 mfd, ST70 and i70 displays, with ST 70 autopilot controller. I have added a tacktick nmea via SeaTalk STng converter. All been ok for a yr or so. I noticed problems with incorrect awa on one tack. Wind speed seemed ok. So tried to recalibrate. The system got stuck continually during the turn at 18%. I have the checked the wind transducer to wind pod. Firstly the continuity test from mast junction box to pod all ok. The voltages at the pod are red-shield 7.21 steady. Green shield 4.21 varying with wind blue shield 1.21 varying. Light breeze 12kts. Does this indicate a problem with cable or transducer. What do you suggest? Regards jaa. Western Australia

RE: [TG11] Wind transducer cable voltages - Tom - Raymarine - Moderator - 03-26-19 08:53 PM

Hello Jaa,

What's the range that the blue and green signals are varying through? These two together are the wind angle signal (a sine-cosine pair) and we'd expect them to sweep smoothly and evenly through the range of approx. 2 - 6V throughout a 360deg change in wind-angle (circle of the boat.) I would guess that you won't see that, that one or both of them will be essentially static through at least part of the turn. This indicates a problem between there and the masthead, perhaps some moisture having crept past and insufficiently-compressed O-ring where the masthead sensor is mounted to the base, and into the masthead connector.