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[TG11] Axiom 9 Chartplotter - Live Sonar has stopped working - Mark44635 - 06-13-19 02:46 AM


I’ve had an Axiom 9 plotter on my yacht since November 2018 - the live sonar mapping has been working fine until yesterday.

Yesterday I connected the chartplotter to the internet for a software update. It has now got Lighthouse 3.9.46 and the live sonar rendering to the screen has stopped. It is still collecting the data. If I switch between detailed chart and fishing chart (where the live sonar is activated) the immediate history is displayed.

Have tried switching the system on/off and resetting the switches in the Depths option - no change.

Many Thanks

RE: [TG11] Axiom 9 Chartplotter - Live Sonar has stopped working - Tom - Raymarine - Moderator - 07-04-19 12:22 AM

Hello Mark44635,

I'm sorry for the delay replying, your question got assigned to me but I've been out of the office a lot recently with dealer training and so on. Apologies.

Do the SCL contours appear at close ranges or after you pan around the chart area?

We have seen some unusual behaviours after upgrading to 3.9 which are currently under investigation by our software engineers, and I think that this could be one of these. I can't see anything having been formally reported as a bug on this and I would expect that if all LH3.9 displays were affected we'd have been inundated with support requests, which hasn't happened so far. I would like to see whether a reset resolves the problem. To do so, back up all of your settings and data (in Home > My Data > Import/Export, Save Settings and Save Data) and then perform a Factory Reset in Home > Settings > This Display. Do make sure that you back everything up before doing a reset.

Whether this resolves the problem or not, please let me know.